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Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
  Current Opportunities:       || DBA Administrator Mid-Level Contract   || Java Application Systems Analyst/Architect Direct Hire   || Senior Application Developer Direct Hire   || Analyst BI Visualization Developer Lincoln, NE Direct Hire   || Jr. Information Technology Business Systems Analyst Lincoln, NE Contract   || Marketing Project Management Support Contract New York, NY   || Sr. .NET UI Developer – Direct Hire Omaha, NE   || Senior .NET Software Engineer - Direct Hire   || Lead .NET Software Engineer – Direct Hire   || Java Developer/Automation Consultant
Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company

Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
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Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
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How EGiS Technologies Protects Our Systems:

Domain, Public DNS and Certificate Management and Protection
Our Domain name represents our company and our image. EGiS Technologies insures that our Domain name and the underlying technologies that support access to it are managed and protected.

EMAIL Protection
Our business runs on email and any disruption will cause problems. All of our email is filtered thru EGiS Technologies systems to remove spam and viruses. The clean email is then sent to our email server. Our email server only received email from EGiS’ server and no one else. If EGiS’ email system goes down they have 3 other servers located elsewhere to store and forward our email.

Firewall protection
The firewall our business uses protects us in a multitude of ways. It detects and prevents hackers from gaining access to our network. It reviews all incoming data and drops any suspect activity. And, it also prevents us from accessing web sites that hide malicious programs.

Our Firewall is tested regularly
EGiS Tehcnologies wants to make doubly sure our firewall does not have any “holes” or vulnerabilities, so they use a world class tool to scan and test our firewall and servers for vulnerabilities. If any are identified, EGiS remediates them immediately.

Servers, networks and desktops are secure
EGiS Technologies used “best practices” to secure our servers and desktops. The Microsoft Application, Email and Data servers are locked down and only accessible to users that require access. Active Directory Group policies are used to maintain a secure and reliable network.

File Servers, Email Servers and Desktops are protected from Malware:
We are using AVG’s award winning anti malware software to protect our systems from malware. We also have EGiS moniter and manage not only our Anti-Virus software but also the critical Windows updates that also protect our systems from new emerging threats.

Data is encrypted
We use encrypted email services to send sensitive data securely. We encrypt our laptops to protect them as they travel. All of our off site backups are sent and stored using encryption.

Data is backed up both on and offsite
Our data is backed up to a local onsite device and is also backed up to a secure remote site. Both backups are monitored around the clock. We are confident our data will be available should we need access to it.

Disaster Recovery
In the event of a disaster, EGiS Technologies is ready to help us recover by providing us with access to a location, Internet, systems, our applications and most importantly our data.

System Reviews and Monioring
We review our IT policies annually and update them as needed. EGiS Technologies performs an annual security and health check of our systems to insure that they are secure and reliable. EGiS Technologies also monitors our systems 24x7 to make sure our servers are up, we are not out of disk space and our on/off site backups are working.


Certified WBENC
"We have utilized CSS for many, many years. We don't use recruiting firms often, but when we do, CSS is at the top of the list of those I contact. The steps taken by the account executives are above and beyond those of many firms. When learning of an opportunity, CSS works directly with Human Resources and also conducts a brief interview of the hiring manager to ensure they have all of the information they require to be successful in responding to our needs, while at the same time respecting our internal processes and the value of our time. CSS works diligently to evaluate their current resources and potentially locate new candidates to ensure those whom they present to us are qualified. They thoroughly screen not only for the technical fit, but also for cultural fit... and that additional consideration is extremely important to us. Beyond this well-respected (and appreciated!) process, they add a personal touch by being there to introduce the candidate to either myself or the manager with whom their candidate is meeting. It is a company of integrity which not only respects the needs of its clients, but also those of the individuals it is placing, and CSS remains committed to the hiring process from start to finish. Many of the individuals CSS has placed with us over the years are still with the company and have proven to be strong contributors. I would recommend CSS to any organization looking for a firm truly committed to successfully supporting their needs."