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Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
  Current Opportunities:       || Sr. C# Systems Analyst   || Systems Performance Engineer   || SQL Server DBA   || SAP S4 HANA Managing Consultant Location: anywhere in the US   || SAP Hybris Leader Location: anywhere in the US   || SAP IS-U Managing Consultant/Architect Location: anywhere in the US   || SAP Experts, Seattle, WA   || .NET Dev/Analyst with Reporting Omaha, NE   || Ecommerce Product Owner Grimes, IA   || Automation Test Engineer
Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company

Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
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Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
Interviewing Techniques
  • Prepare for your interview ahead of time by writing down several success stories of your past work related experiences. Write down the most important skills that relate to the job and give examples of how those specific skills were implemented.
  • Conduct as much research as possible prior to the interview. Learn about the company, their history, current events and products and services they offer. This will help you to be informed when asked about the company in the interview.  Study the position description in-depth.  Imagine yourself in the position and prepare yourself to answer questions related to performing the job responsibilities.
  • Stay as clear and concise as possible while mentioning your strengths and accomplishments. Answering questions in a timely manner will demonstrate your confidence in your past experiences.
  • Never say anything negative about former supervisors or co-workers. You want to stay as professional as possible when discussing your previous work relationships.
  • Work on presenting some of your weaknesses as well as your strengths. A weakness should always be mentioned as something you can work on through a step by step process. Give an example of a previous situation where you were able to strengthen your weaknesses.
  • Be very attentive by making eye contact and listening carefully to what the interviewer is saying. This will help show the interviewer that you are focused and intrigued about the position.
  • Be able to “sell” yourself. Explain how your experience, skills, and talents will benefit the company. Every question comes down to “Why should we hire you?” Be able to assure them that they are making the right choice.
  • Be enthusiastic and show interest in the company. Try to stay as positive as possible throughout the entire interview. Showing a positive attitude will allow the interviewer to believe and trust that you are a pleasant person to work with.
  • Be prepared to ask questions that are based on your research of the company. Detailed questions will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are serious about the position. However, questions about vacation time, benefits, etc. are only appropriate after the interviewer has expressed interest in offering you the position.
  • You should always follow up with a personal thank-you letter to the interviewer thanking him/her for their time as well as establish that you would like to keep in touch.
Certified WBENC
"We have utilized CSS for many, many years. We don't use recruiting firms often, but when we do, CSS is at the top of the list of those I contact. The steps taken by the account executives are above and beyond those of many firms. When learning of an opportunity, CSS works directly with Human Resources and also conducts a brief interview of the hiring manager to ensure they have all of the information they require to be successful in responding to our needs, while at the same time respecting our internal processes and the value of our time. CSS works diligently to evaluate their current resources and potentially locate new candidates to ensure those whom they present to us are qualified. They thoroughly screen not only for the technical fit, but also for cultural fit... and that additional consideration is extremely important to us. Beyond this well-respected (and appreciated!) process, they add a personal touch by being there to introduce the candidate to either myself or the manager with whom their candidate is meeting. It is a company of integrity which not only respects the needs of its clients, but also those of the individuals it is placing, and CSS remains committed to the hiring process from start to finish. Many of the individuals CSS has placed with us over the years are still with the company and have proven to be strong contributors. I would recommend CSS to any organization looking for a firm truly committed to successfully supporting their needs."