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Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
  Current Opportunities:       || Sr. C# Systems Analyst   || Systems Performance Engineer   || SQL Server DBA   || SAP S4 HANA Managing Consultant Location: anywhere in the US   || SAP Hybris Leader Location: anywhere in the US   || SAP IS-U Managing Consultant/Architect Location: anywhere in the US   || SAP Experts, Seattle, WA   || .NET Dev/Analyst with Reporting Omaha, NE   || Ecommerce Product Owner Grimes, IA   || Automation Test Engineer
Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company

Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
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Contract Staffing Specialists,Current Opportunities, Contract Staffing Services, Contract Staffing Company
Commonly Asked Questions
Q: What are your professional goals?
  • Be prepared to describe each goal in terms of specific milestones you wish to accomplish along the way, time periods you’re allotting for accomplishment, why the goal is important to you, and the specific steps you’re taking to bring it about.  Do these concisely, as you never want to talk for more than two minutes straight before letting your interviewer back into the conversation.
Q: What kind of salary are you anticipating?
  • Your salary target should align with your experience, your salary history and the position you are interviewing for. It’s important that this is well thought through before responding to a salary question.
  • The CSS Team is very experienced at guiding individuals through this process.
Q: Why do you want to work for our company?
  • This answer should be based on in-depth research you completed prior to an interview. The best sources for researching your target company are annual reports, the corporate newsletter, contacts you know at the company, its suppliers, advertisements,  and articles.
Q: What was your toughest professional decision or challenge? How did you approach it?
  • Be prepared with a good example explaining why the decision was difficult, the process you followed in reaching it, the courageous or effective way you carried it out and the beneficial results.
Q: Why have you left previous positions? Be prepared to address job gaps.
  • Make sure you've prepared a brief reason for leaving.  Best reasons:  higher salary, opportunity, responsibility or growth.
  • If you're not yet 100% committed to leaving your present position don't be afraid to say so.  Since you have a job, you are in a stronger position than someone who does not.  But don't be coy, either.  State honestly what you'd be hoping to find in a new spot.  
  • Never lie about having been fired. It's unethical -- and too easily checked.  But do try to deflect the reason from you personally. If your firing was the result of a takeover, merger, division-wide layoff, etc., so much the better.
Q: What do you expect of your boss and co-workers?
  • This is a very common question and it’s highly recommended that you prepare your response in advance.  Be professional and concise.
  • Example: You expect your boss to be an effective leader and one who mentors his/her employees. You expect compassion and professionalism from your co-workers. A respectful work environment breeds successful results.
Certified WBENC
"We have utilized CSS for many, many years. We don't use recruiting firms often, but when we do, CSS is at the top of the list of those I contact. The steps taken by the account executives are above and beyond those of many firms. When learning of an opportunity, CSS works directly with Human Resources and also conducts a brief interview of the hiring manager to ensure they have all of the information they require to be successful in responding to our needs, while at the same time respecting our internal processes and the value of our time. CSS works diligently to evaluate their current resources and potentially locate new candidates to ensure those whom they present to us are qualified. They thoroughly screen not only for the technical fit, but also for cultural fit... and that additional consideration is extremely important to us. Beyond this well-respected (and appreciated!) process, they add a personal touch by being there to introduce the candidate to either myself or the manager with whom their candidate is meeting. It is a company of integrity which not only respects the needs of its clients, but also those of the individuals it is placing, and CSS remains committed to the hiring process from start to finish. Many of the individuals CSS has placed with us over the years are still with the company and have proven to be strong contributors. I would recommend CSS to any organization looking for a firm truly committed to successfully supporting their needs."